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Happy Wednesday!!!

I have a very special post announcement today! Throughout my journey as a blogger, one of my favorite things to do has been link-ups! There are some really fun ones out there that I highly encourage you to go and join. I also love the idea of a weekly hashtag or get together on Instagram.

With that being said, I have joined together with Lisa and Jen to begin our own bi-weekly link-up AND Instagram hashtag! I hope you will play along as you are able- simply follow the prompt schedule below and write a blog post, an Instagram post or both. Each link-up will be open for one week, so there is NO pressure to have your blog post finished by that exact date. Feel free to tag your photos with the hashtag whenever it’s appropriate!

So, what exactly are we liking up about?

Well, together with these two women, we have a passion for being real and authentic wives, mothers, employees and bloggers. So often our social media feeds are filled with pristine, perfect pictures that leave us feeling lacking and like we don’t measure up. And we are each guilty of posting images like that ourselves. But instead of continuing the cycle, we wanted to start this blog/Instagram link-up: Outside The Frame.

The meaning behind this is not hard to explain: we want to share with a community of woman what life is really like outside the frame of the camera. The camera frame shows only a small picture, but we are challenging you to break this mold and share beyond that. Come alongside women who are struggling and let them know that you have been there, too. Come alongside women who are rejoicing, and rejoice with them. Come alongside employees and mothers and sisters and wives and let them know that there is more to life than just what happens on social media.

So, please…join with Jen Grandlienard at This Grand Life,  Lisa Worthing at The Mother Blog and myself at The Glorious Mundane to do this bi-weekly link-up! You do not need to have a blog to participate! We welcome you joining in with the hashtag #outsidetheframe on Instagram.


So let’s hit those main points again!

Who? YOU! Linking up with Jen, Lisa and myself

What? A bi-weekly blog or Instagram post responding to the prompt

When? Bi-weekly throughout 2016

Where? On your own blog, your Instagram, your other social media or all of the above!

How? Simply respond to the prompt, post it on your own blog or social media and then link-up. To link up with your blog, all you have to do is click ‘add my link’ on one of the host blogs (you do NOT have to link up on each host, just once will do!). Then hashtag #outsidetheframe to link-up on Instagram!

And here are the prompts!….

Jan 6- New Year, New Goals: What is a resolution that you have had a hard time keeping in the past, and one that you have done a great job keeping?

Jan 20- Introduce yourself! Tell us who you are, and what inspired you to join in!

Feb 3- Share about your love language and how you feel most loved

Feb 17- A favorite Scripture verse and why.

March – A house Tour. Make sure that you include some real life moments in there!

March 16. What are some fun activities you have planned for the Spring weather?

March 30- Your strengths and weaknesses. So often we highlight our strengths in order to put our best foot forward. But what about your weaknesses? How do those come into play?

April 13- Write about your favorite social media sites/apps, why you enjoy them and how you can use them to glorify God

April 27 Easter Reflections

May 11- A post about a person who has been inspirational in your life

May 25 – Write about a time you taught someone something valuable

June 8- A time that you felt you messed up

June 22-   A time that you felt successful

July 6 – Write about how you balance work/family life

July 20 – A letter of encouragement to someone going through something you have gone through or are going through (For example: Dear Teacher; Dear High School Student, etc)

August 3 – Share a funny story from the past week

August 17 – Share what you/your family does for their devotions

August 31- Share a favorite photo (past or present) and why it is meaningful to you

Sept 14 – Share your weekly menu/grocery planning

Sept 28 – Talk about your daily routine

Oct 12 – Write about a time that you hoped no one was watching, but secretly laughed “if only someone could see me right now!”

Oct 26 Write about some ways that you have found you can give back/Volunteer

Nov 9 – A Prayer for our politicians/new president

Nov 23- Thankful Hearts. Write about some hard situations that have led to things to be thankful for

Dec 7 – Pay it forward, share it here!

Dec 21 – Make or buy a handmade gift for someone and share it!


Phew! That is kind of a doozy of an introduction, so I will keep it short and sweet with my response to the prompt!

New Year, New Goals!

I posted about some of my New Year’s goals here.

Less is More, exchange for the good things in life:

I am not a resolution person, but I’m a total goal setter. I love making goals each month and I actually kind of like Monday’s because it’s a new start to a new week where I can get. stuff. done.

One thing that I have really struggled with in goal setting is being specific. Too often, I will say ‘open my home more often’. But really? What does that mean?!? Instead of making such an ellsuive (and easily forgettable) goal, I need to make my general goal (Open my home more often) and then have specific steps to reach that goal (1. Have a monthly game night 2. Have one couple/family over once a month). Then, I need to start planning! Get those game nights on the calendar, start emailing and texting people that I would like to have over. Otherwise, my goals tend to fizzle out and by the end of the year/month I am finding that I have no clue if I actually opened my home more often or not!

One goal that I have been successful at keeping is my devotional time. Over the years, I have build this into a practice that I rarely veer from. Now, the downside to that is that it sometimes just becomes one more mundane thing that I do during the day!


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