11 weeks!

Oops. I’m 12 weeks today, and I never got around to posting this 11 week one because I never got around to taking any pictures! I just searched for some pictures of me from this week and I don’t think I even took any! Forgive me!!


I hope to do my weekly pregnancy updates on Saturdays, but I’ve obviously gotten behind! So for those of you following along closely, you will get weeks 10, 11 and 12 over the course of 10 days! Just to make you feel like this pregnancy is flying by! Haha! So, this update is for the week of March 27-April 2. And then hopefully by next Saturday I will be back on track!

How Far Along: 11 weeks!

Size of Baby: 

Total Weight Gain: -2 pounds

Gender: No idea! Theo says boy, I say girl!

Movement: Nada. Unless we can count gas. In which case…I feel plenty of movement! I’m looking forward to the rolls and kicks, though. I still vividly remember exactly where I was when I felt Tera for the first time. It literally felt like a goldfish swam through my abdomen. I was sitting at a stop sign and I was so taken by the feeling that I forgot to go…until the cars behind me started honking. Haha!

Sleep: Horrendous this week. The stomach bug hit everyone in our house (except me). Sunday night Little Miss barfed, Monday night we all slept well, but I was on baby duty, Tuesday night Theo barfed all.night.long (and therefore I was on baby duty), Wednesday night I was also on baby duty because Theo was still sick, Thursday night we finally got a small amount of sleep, Friday afternoon I drove up to MI with both kids, and despite being exhausted I did not sleep well, and Saturday night I was driving back home to Ohio and didn’t get in until late. I am exhausted. And so, so happy to have that week in the rearview.

What I miss: I miss working out. I miss being able to eat a meal and not regret it 3 minutes later, or wonder if I’ll be barfing it up. I miss having energy and a desire to live a vivacious life. I miss doing two loads of laundry a week instead of the 13 I’ve done this week.

Food Cravings: Absolutely nothing. I watched three people in my family barf all week long. That, on top of the morning sickness makes me want to eat NOTHING! Haha.

Food Aversions: These have actually started to die down this week! To be perfectly honest, I’m feeling so much better morning-sickness wise. Now I’m just terrified that every wave of nausea is the stomach bug.

How I’m Feeling: Feeling much better, actually! I seem to have finally crossed over into limited “morning” sickness, and it’s actually worse in the evening. I’ve been exhausted this week (see above), so that has not helped! Other than the morning sickness and the exhaustion, I hope I am beginning to sail into the smoother waters of the second trimester!

What I’m Looking Forward To: I’m looking forward to warm weather, a baby bump and the magic of the second trimester!

Best Moment this Week: I did not get the stomach bug! And I got to go to Michigan and attend Abby’s beautiful bridal shower! The lunch was delicious, and I savored every moment of eating my meal without children climbing on me and asking for “more. more. more. more. please. please. more. please. more.”

Worst Moment This week: The stomach bug. I seriously think that this past week ranks within one of the top worst weeks of my life. I can take a cold any day, but the stomach bug???? I’m so thankful we survived. Only by the grace of God.

Exercise This Week: Nope. None at all. I didn’t even go on a single walk!

The Family: Theo was hit the worst with the stomach bug, and it was a discouraging week for both of us. Theo has been caring for me and the kids for the past seven weeks, and now it was my turn to care for him and the kids (and myself). I wasn’t sure how I would get through the day. Theo had to miss two days of work (which is an entire week of work on his schedule), but I am thankful for this man and how much he does for me when he is healthy. It was truly an eye-opener and I’m so much more thankful for so many things now. Tera still has no idea she is getting another sibling, and Little Miss started crawling this week! So we had a big week as a family!

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