Foster Care/Adoption Books and Blogs

I’ve gotten lots of emails throughout the last few months from people who are interested in looking more into foster care but aren’t even sure where to start.
If you stick around here for any period of time, you will learn that I love to read. If there is a book on the topic, I will find it and I will devour it, boring or not.
Since I get asked this question frequently, I decided I would compile a list of books that I’ve read (and even some ones that I want to read!). I will probably be frequently editing this blog post as I find more books and blogs to read, but if you are just starting out, this will give you plenty of things to read!
But first, some FAQ’s:
Where do I find all these books?
Mostly, at the library. I usually just look up one book on adoption/foster care, and then find the entire adoption/foster care section. I then select one or two books from that section each time I go. I also read a lot of blogs (listed below), and when one of those bloggers mentions reading a book, I add it to my list.
Do you only read one certain genre?
NO! I have read (and recommend) books on foster care/adoption from a Christian perspective, from a secular perspective, from a neutral perspective, novels and biographies. All of this information adds up to help me form a clear picture of our system and to understand other foster/adoptive parents who may have a different perspective. I highly recommend that you read books on this topic from different perspectives!
What books/blogs do you recommend?
Books with a Christian Perspective on FC/Adoption:
The first book we ever read that started us on this whole journey is called “Orhpanology” by Tony Merida. Such a great read.
I have this one on my list, but actually haven’t read it yet: “Adopted for Life” by Russell D. Moore.
Books (Informational):
I loved reading these informational-type books (think: Adoption is for Dummies type book), because they seemed to give such a great overview from lots of different perspectives).
Success as a Foster Parent (Rachel Green)
The Complete Adoption Book (Laura Godwin)
Adoption Nation (Adam Pertman)
To the End of June (Chris Beam) (super boring, but really informational about older youth who age out of the foster care system. Very secular perspective)
A Child Called “It”, A Man named Dave (super hard and heavy read. You will weep. A very detailed memoir into the abuses that a child suffered under his biological Mom, and then his next 12 years in the foster care system. Since he was in the system in the 80s, things have changed a lot since then and it isn’t necessarily an accurate view of what foster care looks like now, but it is a good read to open your eyes to the abuses that children suffer both before entering the system and while in the system).
Garbage Bag Suitcase
As you know, I read a lot of blogs! These are some of my favorites, and are very informational and give some great glimpses into the foster care world. (Kristen adopted her two boys from the foster care system. She also has two biological children and blogs A LOT about race and other controversial/hot topics in the media. She posts about a lot of other things, too!) (She doesn’t post very often, but when she does, it’s really informational) (One of the best foster care blogs you will find. It’s written by several different foster Moms who compile blog posts. Super helpful!) (A beautiful blog that chronicles infertility, overseas adoption and all the ups and downs in between!) (My FAVORITE. She’s hilarious. She adopted her two oldest from foster care, and always has an amazing perspective on the situation) (So good. She writes A LOT and is a huge wealth of information into the world of foster care)

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