It’s A…………


We had our anatomy scan and ultrasound on Monday, the 6th. We thoroughly enjoyed seeing the baby, and how active it was. At one point it kicked it’s legs all the way up above it’s head. So cute! It also waved its hand around almost the entire ultrasound. We both agreed to close our eyes while the tech took a picture of the anatomy. She then sealed it in an envelope and we were on our way!

Long before this day, we had agreed that Theo would find out right away and that I would love a big to-do party revealing the gender to me. We needed to stop at the store right after the ultrasound, so I let Theo peek in the envelope. His face gave nothing away!



We went shopping and picked up some essentials. What I didn’t know is that one of those “essentials” was going to be used for the gender reveal!


We knew we would be traveling on Tuesday and spending time with family over the weekend, so we decided it would be super fun to do the reveal when we were with Theo’s family. Yes, I had to wait a whole 4 days to find out, while Theo knew the whole time!

When we arrived, we found my sister in law had gone all out! It was the sweetest thing, especially considering that she is hosting 17 people in her home this weekend!



After dinner it was time for the reveal!

We asked everyone to wear pink or blue, and then we took pictures of each vote!

Team BLUE:


Team PINK:


Everyone together (this is all Theo’s immediate family,, missing four brothers and their families):


Next up: the old wives tale quiz of the internet!


The results were of the internet quiz were: BOY!

All the brothers had to shake it to guess what was inside!


Including Isaiah, who was on the phone all the way from Washington!


And then Tera and I opened the box…….




My face when I saw what was inside….























………………………..It’s A……………………………………………….





DSC08464 DSC08469

The story behind the blue razor: While at the store, we needed razors. The boy razors were 6/$10 and the girl razors were 4/$10. Theo thought it was ridiculous that I insisted on buying myself pink “girl” razors even though the blue boy razors were much cheaper and just as effective. So he decided to use the blue “boy” razor to illustrate that we are having a boy!!

DSC08474 DSC08485


I’m thrilled, but it also hasn’t sunk in yet! I’ve done the girl thing now…twice. So, I’ve always wanted a son but it’s starting to hit me that I HAVE NO CLUE HOW TO BE A BOY MOM! Ahhhhhh!





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