Hezekiah James: 7 Months

I’m only about three weeks late with this update because, well…we had another baby 10 year old on the very day that Kiah turned 7 months old. I’m just now getting around to writing this update because I know that I will want to look back and remember and I’m already starting to forget haha!


Eating: We have good days and not as great days, but overall Kiah is doing well eating! He still only drinks smaller bottles but we can go 3-4 hours between bottles which makes such a difference! He is still getting pure breastmilk in those bottles, and I’ve been exclusively pumping for almost seven months now!

He finally has figured out how to eat solids, but is not a fan of mushy/runny, so Baby Led Weaning it is! He is almost a professional at picking up Cheerios and putting them in his mouth, so his diet consists mostly of Cheerios (and allll the milk, of course).

Sleeping: Kiah takes two good naps during the day and sometimes a third. We are at the in-between stage where he is losing that one nap some days but other days he just can’t make it through without it. He is going to bed around 7:30 and sleeping the whole night through! He wakes up at 6, but I’ll take that over being woken up in the middle of the night.

Clothing/Diapers: I just transitioned him into his 6 months clothes! We are still using cloth diapers and I’m so thankful for the money they help me save. It’s funny because he is often stuck wearing the pink cloth diapers left over from Tera and Abi. Ha! Third kid problems.

Personality: Kiah is the happiest, most content baby EVER! He usually is happy to just sit on the floor and entertain himself with toys. He loves to be around us, but is content to just be near us and doesn’t need to be held. However, when held he is so sweet and snuggly! He is very laid-back and go with the flow.

New Developments: 

  • Sitting up unassisted pretty much all the time now!
  • Holding toys, passing them from hand to hand
  • Clapping!
  • Eating real food
  • Sleeping through the night
  • Hands and knees (getting close to crawling but hasn’t quite figured it out yet)


  • Tera, Daddy, Mommy and sweet LG (foster daughter)
  • Eating and drinking milk
  • Clapping
  • Being carried around
  • Bathtime


  • Not being fed IMMEDIATELY
  • Laying down for nap (he is starting to go through that attachment phase where he knows he doesn’t want t o go to sleep)
  • Being poked ridiculously hard or knocked over by his big sister (it’s all fun and games until someone’s head hits the ground)

What We Are Loving at this Stage: I think this is one of my favorite stages! Kiah can now sit up all by himself and play with toys, but he’s not yet mobile so I don’t have to worry about him getting into things! He’s interactive and knows who he loves- and being one of those people just makes my heart so, so happy!!! We love King’s sweet smiles and giggles, and I’m so grateful that he is so go-with-the-flow while we added another person to our family!

What We are Struggling with at this Stage: We are still working on eating well and eating enough. Kiah has also been sick for 3+ weeks with a cough that he just can’t seem to kick, so he is on his second round of antibiotics.


We love you, King Kiah!

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