13 weeks (pregnancy #2)

13 weeks today, and the weather is glorious! Hallelujah! March and the first two weeks of April were really rough months for me, and I’m starting to feel like I’m emerging from the fog.

Unfortunately, Theo is at work today and I don’t have him around to take pictures for me. I know that if I put this post off until tomorrow, it won’t get done, so this update will be void of pictures. Maybe if I remember to have Theo take pictures tomorrow I will come back and add them to the post. It’s safe to say that I’ve popped, though! I’m totally showing. I haven’t gotten any “when are you due?” questions yet, but I think I will start getting them soon!

How Far Along: 13 weeks

Size of Baby: The size of a small peach. Or a budding rose. Baby Hines now has his/her own fingerprints and has done a significant amount of growing in the last three weeks.

Weight Gain: Up 1 pound from pre-pregnancy! I gained over 40 pounds with Tera, so I’m hoping to stay closer to 30 this time around, especially since I held onto at least 10 pounds after Tera.

Symptoms/How I’m Feeling: I’m now starting to feel pregnant. The first 12 weeks were a horrible mix of feeling awful and hating almost every moment of it. I am a very emotional person and I have a hard time connecting with logic when I feel bad. So I never felt like I had a baby and all the sickness was worth it. Now, looking back, I know it’s more than worth it, but at the time I really struggle with that. I’m staring to bruise and bleed much easier than normal, which is a totally normal side effect of pregnancy that no one ever seems to mention. I’ve finally reached the “hungry” stage and I feel like a bottomless pit. I still get nauseas a lot, especially after dinner, but I know feel hungry for a good portion of the day. Even if I just ate. I’m also starting to experience the loosening in my hips (already!!), and can feel them being more sore or “stretchier” than normal.

I finally am starting to feel excited about this baby. As I just mentioned, being sick was really hard for me- not just physically, but emotionally as well. I never felt connected to this little human- at all. Now I’m starting to see and feel myself grow and all the other symptoms are welcome relief compared to the morning sickness!

Sleep: Sleep has been fine! I am now taking my anti-nausea meds only once a day, and that is always right at dinner time. These meds, though….they wipe.me.out. I am SO incredibly exhausted after I take that little pill. I have a hard time waking up in the night to feed Little Miss…but alas, I am still up 2-3 times a night with her. It’s a little bit rough and I often find myself grumbling and having a very bad attitude about it. If I wasn’t waking up with her, I’d be sleeping like a baby! Or, in this case…that obviously doesn’t ring true. I’d be sleeping like my toddler!

What I miss: Nothing much! I am so, so thankful to be done with the first trimester and to be into this magical second trimester. The second trimester really is good to me. I have a renewed sense of energy, a sweet little baby bump, and seriously….SO MUCH JOY that the first trimester is over. Did I mention that I hate the first trimester?

Food Cravings: Ah, finally! I am hungry! I want to eat! And I want to eat that right this second. What is that, you may ask? Well, so far…pickles and olives. Straight from the can. I wanted to sit down in the store and just eat the whole can. I also get hankerings (I wouldn’t really call them cravings) for anything that I see someone else cooking or talking about eating. My sister in law keeps mentioning how much Doritos make her want to barf and I’m all like “Did somebody say DORITOS? I need some NOW!” Hahaha.

Food Aversions: The fridge. The leftovers in the fridge. I still can’t stomach the smell of opening the fridge, and since the leftovers are in said fridge I have a hard time wanting to eat them. They might sound perfectly wonderful, but the moment I open the fridge and catch a whiff, nothing within 2 miles sounds appealing.

What I’m looking forward to: I’m starting to feel super excited to find out the gender of this babe! I’m also excited for some vacations and trips that we are starting to plan out for this summer. Have I ever mentioned on this blog that I love summer?!?

Best Moment this Week: This week was overall a great week, and it had a lot of little moments that were nothing special but were special to me. We were able to spend some time with Ethan and Kindrea, and that was so refreshing to Theo and I. We were also able to help out at a scavenger hunt for our church youth group, and we had a BLAST! It was so much fun.

Worst Moment this week: Foster care. Guys, it’s tough. And sometimes there is no specific reason or event that makes it tough, it just is. My head and my heart sometimes really struggle with the whole situation and it’s just sometimes a lot to think through or go through. We love Little Miss and are so very blessed by her, but not a day goes by that we don’t feel the repercussions of her situation.

Exercise this Week: YES! I did it! I have started exercising!!! I went for a run twice this week- Monday and Thursday. I also went for a bike ride on Friday, and today the girls and I went for a hike. I’m so thrilled to be feeling well enough to be able to do that. I still haven’t decided if it makes me feel better, but it certainly doesn’t make me feel worse and I’m SO thankful for that!


So, this has been a short and sweet 13 week update. Again, I’m so sorry there is no pictures! Hopefully I will be able to come back and update that tomorrow! Thanks for following along with us on this journey!

And just in case you were curious, here is 13 weeks with Tera!


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