Hezekiah James: 2 months

Hezekiah James is two months old today! I feel like the last two months have absolutely flown by! At the same time, I can’t believe how much has happened in the last two months! And it seems like Kiah has been with us forever.

Weight/Length: Kiah is 8 pounds 14 oz and 21 inches long. I know, he’s still tiny. We had an appointment this morning and I was not pleased with what the pediatrician had to say. She said she wants to see him at least a pound heavier so that he is on the growth charts. But the crazy thing is that he has never been on the growth charts…not even at birth. And his little weight markers have gone up EXACTLY on the curve of the growth chart…just below it. I’m so over this “failure to thrive” and HE NEEDS TO GAIN WEIGHT panic. He is gaining weight. He’s just small. #sofrustrated

Eating: Kiah eats 2-3 ounces every two hours. It’s pretty exhausting, but I’d say he is doing well! He is still taking milk only from a bottle and I am exclusively pumping, which has been a journey of its own!

Sleeping: Kiah is a great night sleeper! He usually goes to sleep around 11 and sleeps until 4 or 5 am, eats, and then is back down until 7 or 8. So far I haven’t noticed too much of a nap schedule in the day, but I think we are getting there. As the third child, I’m not too worried about forcing him into a nap schedule yet.

Clothing/Diapers: Size 1 Diapers, newborn clothes, some 0-3 pants when he is wearing his cloth diapers! He’s quickly outgrowing the cute newborn cloth diapers that he has!

Personality: Kiah is totally chill, but loves being held and talked to. He especially loves Tera, and doesn’t even flinch when she is making tons of racket. He just seems to really roll with the punches and not much gets him upset. I can’t stop calling him “sweet Kiah”, because for some reason that really seems to fit. I promise I won’t call him that anymore when he is a teenager and his friends come over 😉

Notable Firsts this Month:

  • Met the whole extended DeValve family at Thanksgiving
  • Celebrated his first Thanksgiving and first Christmas


  • People!
  • Being held and talked to
  • Baths
  • Carrides
  • Drinking his milk!


  • Getting out of the bath
  • Being wet- he wants that diaper changed straight away!
  • Mommy’s high lipase frozen breastmilk (I don’t blame him, it tastes awful).

Milestones Reached:

  • Long stretches of awake time
  • Cooing and “talking”

What we are Loving at this stage: I am just loving spending time with my little man! With Tera, I hated the newborn stage. With Little Miss, withdrawal was so tough. And I feel like Kiah is finally redeeming the newborn stage for me. He’s just so soft and his head is fuzzy and he’s cuddly and I LOVE IT.

Struggles at this stage: The crying and the weight gain. I always struggle with babies crying…it just gets to me. It scratches my soul. And it’s so hard to know why he is crying. Hungry? In Pain? Tired? Overstimulated? I always struggle with that!

Nicknames: King, King Kiah

Daddy, Mommy and Tera: Theo went back to work right after Thanksgiving, and so far we have been…surviving. I’m easing into this transtion better than I did with adding Tera or Little Miss to the family, so that’s good. Theo is looking at a job change in February, and has been busy on his days off getting all the necessary testing and paperwork (I’ll post more on that when we know for sure). He also had to get LASIK eye surgery and ended up in the ER with an allergic reaction to some eye drops, so that was exciting. Tera is the best big sister, although she is showing herself to be TWO! Oh my lanta…so many needs and demands and heaven help us if we give her the much-demaned lunch on the wrong color of plate. At the same time, she is the sweetest and kindest and smartest girl in the world, and I love her more each day. She is officially in her big girl bed and we quit the paci cold turkey five days ago. There is no going back! Next up: potty training!       


  1. Natalie says:

    I think if he is gaining on an appropriate curve he’s fine! Look at his thin parents! I need to come play with Tera and see kiah soon!

  2. Chelsea McKinney says:

    I love your updates and these cute pics! So sorry about the doctor’s report and I’m no doctor, but if his curve is looking great, what are they really expecting?! It seems like if he gained so much and jumped onto the scale they’d be more concerned! I’m sorry, I’m rambling at this point (obviously) and I have no medical expertise. He’s gaining so I think that’s great so keep doing what you’re doing mama! You got this!!!! xo

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