Hezekiah James: 8 Months

Our Kiah man turned 8 months old last week! It doesn’t seem possible that I have the sweetest chillest and most adorable baby boy who is now crawling…but I do! Oh, King, we sure do ADORE you!!!

Weight: 16 pounds!

Eating: He has finally found his groove with eating. He sits at his high chair with us and eats everything we are eating at our meals! He’s still drinking 5-6 oz of milk every 4ish hours. It’s so nice to hit this stage where they kind of start feeding themselves and I don’t have to do 110% of the work. Except for sweeping the floor since he probably gets at least 75% of what I give to him on the floor. You win some, you lose some.

Sleeping: The week after Heavenly arrived, Kiah started sleeping through the night and I think it was a direct answer to prayer. I could not physically handle the rigors of three children while being up all night with Kiah. So I’m SO THANKFUL that he is now sleeping through the night. He takes 2-3 fairly solid naps during the day, although the time and length of these naps greatly varies! Mostly he just gets hauled around with both big sisters and whenever we have a short break at home he squeezes in a nap. Poor kid.

Clothing/Diapers: We just moved into 6 month clothes! I love the summertime when he really only needs to wear a onesie or even just a diaper. It saves me so much laundry!!

Personality: This kid is the sweetest and most content baby. EVER. He loves to be held and talked to and loved on. He smiles at everyone and just cuddles himself into my neck whenever I pick him up. He’s seriously so happy and so, so, so chill. We went mini golfing with some of Heavenly’s friends, who all happen to be her age. We were putting him down in the grass at all the holes because I forgot my carrier. He was just so content sitting there in the grass.

Developments: WE HAVE A CRAWLER! He’s moving everywhere now!

I have seen him pull himself up once or twice on things, too. It’s all going to go super fast into the world of toddler destruction from here on out!

I’ve heard him say both Mama and Dada but I don’t think he knows what he is saying yet.

Eating, Eating, Eating!

Likes: Kiah likes pretty much everything, but mostly he LOVES his two sisters. He loves smiling at people and playing peekaboo with anyone.

Dislikes: We had a rough week or two where he wanted to crawl so bad but he just couldn’t get it. He wasn’t content to just sit because he wanted to move, but then he would get on his hands and knees and be completely stuck. He cried a lot during that week!

He has started to dislike bedtime and started to give some attitude when we lay him down for naps/bedtime.

What We Are Loving: I love watching him respond to us! And to find his own way around the house. He’s so proud of himself for crawling!

What We Are Struggling With: I honestly love this stage, so I have no complaints! I am, however, 100% ready to be done breastfeeding/pumping. I’m hoping that I will make it to one year, but four more months sounds really daunting to me. Meh.

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Tera at 8 months


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