Hezekiah James: 10 months

Didn’t I just write one of these posts? I seriously thought I just did.

Well, here we are again…10 MONTHS! How is this even possible that in two more months my baby boy will be ONE!?!?

Weight: 17 pounds!


Eating: We went from failure to thrive to almost outeating his sister. He still takes 4-5 bottles a day, although I recently quit pumping and am now just finishing off the frozen milk I pumped and switching to formula. He eats all three meals every day, although some days he ends up napping during a meal and totally skips that. His favorites are pasta, rice, graham crackers and eggs.

Sleeping: We have reached a fairly good point with the sleep situation, which probably means a huge change is coming, lol! He goes to bed at 8 and wakes up between 5:30 and 6:30. He takes one long morning nap and one long afternoon nap as well.

Clothing/Diapers: I am just starting to make the switch from 6 month clothes to 9 month clothes. I should probably wait until fall which would make much more sense for switching out clothes, but I also wanted Kiah to get some use out of the 9 month summer stuff before I have to pack that away for the colder months.

Still wearing cloth diapers most of the time and have no plan of changing that anytime soon! But Tera is fully potty trained, so at least I only have one in diapers!

Personality: Chill. Everyone describes him as so chill. Nothing much can ruffle his feathers. He’s the kid that is just so calm and content that he often gets overlooked. I can for sure see that as something we will have to be really intentional about as parents.

He’s also the sweetest and silliest kid and loves to make people laugh and clap and have fun. Whenever we have been at an event where people applaud, he always looks around and then gets SO excited like everyone is clapping for him. Cutest thing ever.

New Developments: Pulling up, standing by himself for several seconds at a time, saying more sounds (he says Mamamama but I’m not really sure he’s actually saying Mama), signing “more” whenever he wants food.

Notable Firsts this Month: 

  • Hines Family Reunion
  • Spending time with BOTH sets of Grandparents
  • Another sickness 🙁
  • Being dedicated to the Lord


  • his sisters and Daddy
  • his mommy the most
  • being outside (and playing in the dirt/mulch)

  • baths
  • food
  • Grandpa and Grandma!
  • music/singing
  • whatever toy his sister is playing with


  • diaper changes
  • nose wiping
  • being woken up from his nap


What We Are Loving: Oh King, we sure do love you. You are the sweetest joy and we all adore you to pieces. We love your sweet smiles and the way that you clap and laugh at our silly antics.

What We Are Struggling With: That bout of sickness was pretty rough for the two weeks that it lingered. Kiah wanted nothing to do with anything or anyone but Mommy and that is a challenging place to be with traveling, other guests and two other siblings. But now that we are over that, we just want to work on the screeching issue when he wants more food and it’d be great if he could sleep past 6:30 every day!

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Tera Evelynne at 10 months 

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