Hezekiah James: 11 months

Hezekiah James is 11 months old!!!!!!

One more month until this goober is ONE!

The poor thing lives his life as a typical third child. He gets tossed around by his sisters, his toys always get taken away, he frequently gets woken up from his naps, he has more nicknames than anybody I know and is adored and showered with more love than any baby on the planet.


Eating: We have had an off and on month in the eating department. Kiah will either eat super great and I can’t give him enough, or he won’t be very interested in food at all. Can somebody say growth spurts??

Sleeping: Still decent, but not fabulous. He sleeps from 8-6 am and then is WIDE AWAKE. I unfortunately passed on my morning person genes to him. He takes two great naps- one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

Clothing/Diapers: I am just transitioning out the 6 month clothes and into 9 month stuff. Although, some of the 9 month stuff is already looking a little tight, so I think we will be in 12 months before we know it! Our tiny little one is growing!

Personality: We couldn’t love this kid more. This month, he really came out with a mommy attachment issue. He does not want me to leave his sight. Momma’s boy to the core. He’s still chill as a cucumber and not much ruffles his feathers. He is starting to get a bit more opinionated and able to to hold his own around his sisters.

New Developments:

  • Standing (sometimes unassisted)
  • FOUR teeth
  • Saying distinct words like “mama” “dada”


  • Mommy, Mommy, Mommy
  • His two sisters
  • Being tickled/”roughhoused”
  • Food- especially of the carbohydrate variety
  • Playing outside, especially if it involves dirt
  • Climbing Stairs
  • Chasing Tera or being chased by her (he DREAMS of the day when he can run!)


  • Pausing his day for a diaper change
  • Laying on his back
  • When a sister gets a bit rough with him
  • Cheerios (???)

What We Are Loving: We love our Kiah-man. We all adore him and his sweet little smiles. I absolutely love this stage and watching his brain literally explode with learning. His most recent discovery is putting small objects inside cups, jars or bottles. HE LOVES THIS. He will put something inside and then clap in delight and then try his darnedest to get it back out. It’s adorable.

What We are Struggling with: The Mommy attachment. He had several teeth poke through this month, and after a strange (but brief) rash, I suspect that he had Roseola. It would explain why he was so fussy and clingy. During that time, he wanted no one but Mommy and nothing but to be held. It was a little tough making dinner in this predicament, but he seems to be much better now. Still, he loves Mommy and wants nothing to do with anyone else when I’m in the room. It’s flattering but also incredibly challenging.

Nicknames: King, King King, King Kiah, Kiah, Buddy, Buddy Boy, Bubba, Bubba Gump Shrimp, Bubba Gump.

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Tera at 11 months

Next month is the big ONE!!!!!! Hard to believe!

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