Hezekiah James: 5 Months

Here we go…5 months old! It has gone by so fast! Kiah is getting to the age where it starts to get fun and I have to say I’m LOVING it!

Weight: 14.5 pounds!!

This kid just gained two pounds in the last month. Ha! I’m pretty sure that he now weighs more than Tera did at 5 months!

Eating: So, Kiah has always been a terrible eater. It would take HOURS to get him to drink a 3 oz bottle. Then, he got really sick this month and had no appetite. For a few days we were struggling to get him to eat anything and I stopped worrying about how much he was getting and instead started making sure he was just drinking SOMETHING. I know that he lost some weight during this time, but I’m so thankful that we were able to stay away from dehydration! Anyways, after he got better he started eating SO WELL. He made up for all the feedings he missed and then some! We also bought some nipples with a higher flow for his bottle and he will now suck down a four ounce bottle in 10 minutes flat. I am SO THANKFUL. Seriously…so, so thankful.

Sleeping: We are finally into a good routine during the day where he takes 3 naps. These naps are about 45 minutes each, although he has done a two hour stretch before. By 7, he is cranky as all get out and just wants to go to sleep, so he usually goes to bed around 7:30. We wake him around 10 for a dream feed and then he usually sleeps until 3-4 am, then right back to sleep until 6:30 when he is up for the day. Yes, I’m exhausted but honestly it could be worse. He has slept through the night once or twice so I’m hoping that will catch on soon!

Clothing/Diapers: 3-6 month now officially fits him, although some are a little big. Cloth diapers are still happening, although he cries AS SOON AS he pees in one…making it a lot more work for me to be changing him so often!


This kid is pretty easy to please, and I don’t mind one bit! He loves being around us, talking to us and listening to us talk. He loves to be held and is going through a little bit of separation anxiety. It’s challenging that he doesn’t want anyone else to hold him or feed him, but I’m not gonna lie…I love how much he loves me!! (Neither of my other two ever went through that stage!).

He’s super chill and just hangs out wherever we put him…as long as he can see either Tera or I. He loves people and is already smiling at anybody who looks his way!

Notable First This Month: 

  • First sickness (RSV)


  • Tera
  • Being held and talked to
  • Bath time
  • Car rides
  • Eating (for the first time in his life!!!)
  • His Mamaroo


  • Napping…meh.
  • Daddy feeding him (Momma’s boy).
  • Wet diapers

Milestones Reached: 

  • Last month I said he had rolled over, but I still have only seen him do it a couple times
  • Grasping toys in hand, bringing toys to mouth
  • Responding to Theo, Tera and I over strangers
  • Sitting up for long times in the bumbo seat, and a couple seconds unsupported by himself!

What we are Loving at this Stage: I personally LOVE this stage. He is smiling, interacting and starting to be his very own person. I love seeing him bounce his head around and smile at Daddy, Tera and myself. He is so, so sweet and likes to just talk to us whenever we glance his way.

What we are Struggling with at this Stage: The noise level that comes out of this tiny kid is INSANE. He screeches all day long and it’s seriously loud enough to give me a headache. I honestly don’t mind loud noises, laughing, yelling, playing…but the screeching really drives me bananas!


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