Hezekiah James is HALF A YEAR OLD!

King Kiah turned 6 months old on Friday!!!! How is this possible???

Weight: He is weighing in at a little over 15 pounds according to my scale at home, but was only 14 pos 4 oz according to the scale at the pediatrician! I don’t know how the two scales have such a huge difference….but either way he’s still pretty tiny! 3% for weight, 8% for height and the 38% for head size. Lolz.

Eating: Man, this exclusively pumping journey has been a little bit insane for me. Eating is STILL a constant struggle. Every bottle feels like a battle because I feel like he should be drinking the whole thing. But I’ve recently needed to remind myself that if he was breastfeeding, I wouldn’t know exactly how much he was getting, and when he was done, I’d let him be done. So I’m going to start operating on that theory more often now with bottles, even if it means he’s not drinking a certain amount of ounces!

Sleeping: As with most things, I’ve noticed that Kiah does every milestone about a month later than “they” say. So he has officially hit the 4 months sleep regression. Tera did the exact same thing. It feels to me like he is up all night long, but really I am only waking up to feed him once. I still give him the night feed at 10, then he is up somewhere between 2 and 4, and then he is up for the day at 6:30. It’s not too bad except that he whines and fusses and even yells for what feels like hours in the night. It’s exhausting. He is taking two great naps and one smaller nap during the day, though…so I’m really glad for that!!

Clothing/Diapers: Still using our cloth diapers, and size 2 diapers when we go out/at night. Kiah is still wearing 3-6 month clothes, but we did pull out the warmer spring/summer stuff! It’s so fun to see some bare chunky baby thighs!

Personality: Kiah is such a smiley little happy dude. I just cannot get over how calm and content he is! He is laid back and just doing things at his own pace. As a typical second child, he is often carted around places out of his normal schedule, but he just goes right along with it.

New Developments: 

  • Holding toys
  • Chewing on anything he can get his hands on
  • Sitting up
  • Kinda rolling over (still working on this one!)

Likes: This kid likes pretty much everything this month! Some of his favorites are:

  • Tera
  • Crinkly books
  • Being outside
  • His Paci
  • Bath time


  • Being left alone in a room
  • Having a dirty diaper

What we are Loving at this Stage: Kiah’s smile literally lights up a room. He is just the SWEETEST! I am loving watching him learn and grow and really start responding to different stimuli in his environment. I have enjoyed the newborn stage much more this time around, but I still LOVE this new stage so, so much.

Also, his hair is just as fuzzy as it looks in these pictures. I mean, when his hair brushes on our skin, we all just giggle. Especially Tera.

What we are Struggling with at this Stage: Sleep. Please, baby boy…just sleep for Mama (and Daddy). We are exhausted!

We are looking forward to starting on solids sometime in the next week or so! Whoooohooo!


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Tera at 6 months 


  1. Tam says:

    It’s really funny to compare his and Tera’s 6 month updates. They look so much like you, Suzanne, but then when you see them at the same age next to each other, they both look so different from one another! I think Kiah really looks just like your dad. It helps me to see more of Theo in them too, especially Tera.

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