Tera Evelynne: 2 years old!!!



My baby is TWO!

She is 2 years old! 24 months! 730 days old!

She is still a baby, and yet at the same time she is my big girl.

Weight/Height: 23 pounds (5-10 percentile) and 33 inches  (25th percentile)!

Eating: We have hit a snag with our normally wonderful eater. At two years old, she likes to pick and choose the days she will eat like a champ and the days that she won’t even open her mouth. We aren’t sure if it’s a matter of her will, of the summertime heat, or her way of grieving Little Miss (it happened to start the same week Little Miss left). Either way, she is usually a pretty great eater, but at least one meal a day it is a constant battle to get her to eat some foods. As far as being picky, she’s pretty great. She doesn’t like spinach, and if it strikes her fancy she doesn’t like to try anything new. However, she will usually eat anything put in front of her, and has a pretty wide palette for a two year old!


Sleeping: This girl is every parents dream for sleeping nowadays! She goes to bed at 8 pm, doesn’t make a peep. She sleeps for a full 12 hours and is usually up sometime between 7:30 and 8:30. She is sleeping in her big girl bed and we haven’t had any problems with that! She takes one nap from 12-3, and again…we lay her down, she goes right to sleep, and we go get her a few hours later. She frequently asks for naps and LOVES to sleep in. She is her Daddy’s girl!


Clothing/Diapers: Tera is in 18 month clothing, and is not quite ready to grow out of them! She can wear 24 month/2T shirts and dresses, but the pants just fall right off her.

We are still using cloth diapers, and have been attempting potty training. She pretty much has it down but with the chaos of the last few weeks of our lives, she is unfortunately back in diapers. I know that she is ready, though, because she now tells us when she is going in her diaper. We will get there soon, but I’m not in any rush.


Personality: Tera Evelynne. This girl has such a mix of both her Daddy’s and my personality. She is incredibly intelligent and an introverted social butterfly. She loves, loves, LOVES to be around people (all Mommy), but when she is, she just wants to observe the people and has a hard time actually jumping in, especially with kids her own age (all Daddy).


She is hilarious and talking SO MUCH now. I love hearing the little ideas that are in her brain come pouring out of her mouth.

I love hearing her laugh and laugh and do silly things. She has learned how to make faces, how to run and how to jump. It’s AMAZING to me to see her growth and development.


She is very organized and hates messes. While she loves to get dirty and play outside, she is very concerned with any type of mess that is made inside the house. She likes to close all the doors and is very good at putting her things “away”.

She loves to play and read books, and is fairly good at playing independently. As soon as Little Miss left, she had a very hard time playing by herself.


She is so very sweet and so very laid-back. She is a babysitters dream, because she complies with routine and new situations SO well.


Tera is an incredibly empathetic person and is acutely aware of other people’s feelings, especially sad feelings. She is quick to notice if someone is “sad” or “crying”, especially Mommy. We are working with her to also notice happy feelings, and point out when people are smiling and laughing. She also has big feelings already, and we constantly refer to her as a “sensitive soul”. When reprimanded, she is quick to burst into tears and all her feelings are expressed all day long.


  • Reading books
  • Playing outside
  • Going for “stroller rides”
  • Playing with Daddy


  • Little Miss
  • Babies!


  • Moose
  • Washing the dishes and helping Mommy in the kitchen
  • “Amimals!!!”


  • Swimming in the pool/lake (she hates splash pads)
  • People watching and being out and about around people


  • Bath Time
  • Lunch Time
  • Splash Pads
  • Discipline (of course haha!)

New Developments:


Since her 18 month update, she has changed SO MUCH! I cannot believe how quickly her little body and brain have developed.

  • She has a huge vocabulary and says complete sentences. Her comprehension is incredible and she has full conversations with us now.
  • She is walking, running and can even jump a little bit now!
  • She can understand 2-3 step directions at a time now
  • Shows defiance and her own free will
  • She can “tell a story” now while reading a book, which is pretty much my favorite thing!
  • Knows and remembers the routine. When I got her a bow the other day, she exclaimed, “church!”

Daddy and Mommy:

We are doing well! It has been such a busy summer and we are so glad the craziness is winding down. It has been difficult for our whole family to adjust to life without Little Miss, but we are getting by and learning how to manage our grief in healthy ways. Theo continues to work extremely hard at the fire department as an EMT, but we are looking at a job change in our very near future. I am plugging away at stay at home life, growing a new kid and working on this here blog of mine! Life is certainly never boring!!!


Happy 2 years of life on this earth, sweet baby girl. We love you so much.



Past Updates:

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  1. Nancy says:

    It’s amazing to me how we could tell so much of her personality before a month old … especially that she loved people, but would observe more than jump in. I do think her personality is a true mix of yours and Theo’s.

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